The apartment property is called, Main Street, My place has a 2 bedroom that I am living in one of them. It also has a nice living room and kitchen and bathroom. I pay the rent for the living room too. Also, it has a bus stop outside of the apartment that it takes a person to all the destinations including Macnight c-train stations which you can travel to the destination that you want to go. I am looking for a non- smoker and non- alcoholic student/roommate that he or she is very responsible in terms of paying rent on time, respectful and not very noisy individual. And above all, he or she should be very peaceful and non- argumentative person because I have been living with my roommate for 4 years and we have been having a great friendship and respect for each other and we never ever had arguments about things. If we had a difference of opinions about things we talked about them in a very respectful and kindly tone of voice. If you have any questions about the place or anything else, you can phone at my number at 403- 247- 4718 and please leave an message for me which I will return your call in a very timely manner. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank You. (P.s. I tried to put the whole address in but the system didn't let me do it. The whole address is 2110- 360 Falshire Drive North East Calgary, AB Please, make a note of it)

Utilities Included



Bus Route
Flooring - Hardwood
High-Speed Internet
Patio / Deck
No Smoking

Property Details

360 Falshire Drive Northeast
Calgary, Alberta
T3J 2G3

Accomodation Type
# of Tenants
Tenant Requirements
Lease Types
12 Month
Lease Conditions
If I see that you want to be my roommate then I will fill out the rental application forum which it has the following sections: (1)- your first and last name (2)- your occupation (3)- your references for background check (4)- etc


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