$650 Hi!! I am renting 1 furnished room in a 2 bedroom shared basement apartment in Mount Pleasant for short term(1, 2 or 3 months max). Rent is $650 per month with a damage deposit of $325.Includes bedding, utilities, water, laundry, wifi use of my super duper Vitamix blender, instant pot and kitchen supplies! Also rare for a basement apartment: the ceiling is tall enough to do yoga in, if you're into that! I should say first and foremost, it is important to know that I view this house as my safe place/sanctuary so it's important that is respected. BUT, that being said, I really love welcoming people into my house to share my space! I love introducing people to Vancouver, bringing them on adventures to see all the amazing art, culture, nature and food the city has to offer, so this is an especially great place to stay for anyone new to the city. I am pretty involved in the local arts and culture scene and have had great experiences with nearly everyone I've lived with(but there's always that one person that sucks though..come've had those right?) I am super sad to see my current roommate go! About the neighbourhood: This is a funky neighbourhood pretty much in the center of the city with a lot of artists, designers and small business owners, tons of parks and beautiful murals, the best restaurants for any dietary needs, a beautiful new community center with a pool, ice link, library and fitness centre nearby. There is a super cute cafe right across the street where people hang out all day long. There are tons of grocery stores and shops within walking distance. It's very easy to travel via transit anywhere from this location. It is also super safe and quiet at night. Street parking, no permit needed. The bedroom is the bigger of two rooms and is furnished with a simple desk, a loft bed with a comfy mattress(can't be scared of heights!)and a dresser. There is storage under the loft bed as well as a closet. We could lower the bed to the floor if you don’t like the loft as well. This apartment is nice and cool, even when it's scorching hot outside. As far as basement apartments go, it is pretty nice and clean(no bugs or mold etc) though. I would not call it 'fancy'. The kitchen is well lit with a large counter, lots of cupboard space and enough space to cook properly. The living room is small, but functional and I should mention I sometimes work from home and use it as an office and studio. If you wanted to a have few friends over at night, just let me know and I can straighten up the living room and make it presentable for you to use too. I have no problem sharing the living room space, but just fyi it's pretty full of my stuff for my business, plus some taxidermied creatures and wool. If this is too creepy, you might not like my house! Also I have friends that come through town from time to time, but anyone I would trust in my home would be a very respectful and fun person you'd prob like! The bathroom has a shower and the walls are blue. There is not much of note to say about the bathroom. It is the least exciting room in the house. The people upstairs are nice but like things in the hall and outside tidy, just fyi. The apartment is about 900 sq feet. There is an outdoor patio area with couches and access to the backyard. There is storage for a bicycle in the garage. **Note: I can offer a bicycle, helmet and lock for use, if you just give it a tune up! Ideal roommate would be: creative, fun, non judgemental, not a 'partier', currently travelling/new to town(ie: doesn't have much stuff), has a day job or doesn't mind me working from home(it's ok if you're home sometimes during the day if you know I will be busy and can't talk too much-I am pretty distractible because I think everything is interesting!). Must be ok with the fact I use the living room to sort out my business stuff. Must be interested in or curious about self help type work, meditation, leadership etc..more or less working on their path in life to find some sort of meaning or purpose(I mean this in the least cheesy way possible!) Must be self aware of their own habits and tendencies(ie: able to admit when you are wrong or apologize, even when it's hard). Must be healthy and active(not into drugs, although 420 once in awhile is ok just not inside). I don't mind if people are into these things, I just know from experience it's hard for me to relax when people are doing drugs around me(not including 420). I don't mind if who I live with is a guy/girl or somewhere in between, gay, straight, bi etc. It's most important to me we get along well, I feel we can communicate well and I trust you. As for house chores: Must be ok to share chores and clean stuff, but must not be too obsessively clean. I am ok, as long as things aren't GROSS. I like the model of I do your dishes every couple days then you do mine, nothing personal taken if you get too busy or I do. We take turns pulling the weight. As long as we communicate and things feel fair and even, then I am good. I get really busy sometimes and I also have a disability which means I get tired sometimes and usually dishes are the thing that falls aside. That being said, I have enough pots pans and dishes that you'd never be in a position where there are no dishes to use cuz they are all dirty. I don't make cleaning schedules and I recognize life happens and people aren't perfect, as long as we can have empathy for each other, and balance, it will work great. Communication is super important to me and so is being an open and caring person. I am a sensitive flower(haha..but it's true, so it helps if you are too!) About me: I am female identifying, pretty energetic and involved in the local arts community. I attend a lot of meetups, workshops and theatre shows(I love clowning and physical theatre). I work a day job managing a national program and I run a side business hosting professional development workshops for teachers. I also own a tiny house. Hmm what else? I play guitar and ukulele(though I am not that amazing) I like making jewelry and would like to learn to sew. I take self help and leadership courses and actively work on my communication skills. If this ad interests you, please reply telling me about yourself, what's going on in your life and why you think we would be good roommates! Oh and no couples and no pets unfortunately(I'm allergic)(To pets...not couples. That's my landlords call, sorry!)

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Air Conditioning
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High-Speed Internet
Laundry - Shared
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Patio / Deck

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Vancouver, British Columbia

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2 Month
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2 months with possibility of entension.


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