TRENT STUDENT THESE 1 BEDROOM APARTMENTS ARE PEFECT! Includes HEAT, HYDRO, WATER, SEWER, BASIC WIFI & ONE PARKING SPOT! ON THE TRENT EXPRESS! DON’T MISS OUT RESERVE YOUR APARTMENT NOW! IF YOU ARE A TRENT STUDENT & SERIOUS ABOUT RESERVING YOUR 1 BEDROOM FOR JANUARY 1 2020 OR MAY 1, 2020 ACT NOW. WON’T LAST! HEAT, HYDRO, WATER, SEWER & BASIC WIFI INCLUDED! TRENT STUDENT DISCOUNT $1198 (REGULAR $1398.00) One Parking Spot, Fridge, Stove, private entrance & close to a Laundry Mat. Close to Downtown, Shopping & everything! There are no catches to this offer. There is no fine print. Simply call or text Tanya at 705-957-9409 to secure your 1 bedroom apartment Now! To qualify for the $200.00 month Trent Student Discount: 1. Must Be a Trent Student 2. No pets- No smoking 3. Signing of a 12 month lease Gets you the discount a savings of $2400.00 a year! Lease & $100 holding/Indemnification fee required by each resident. Take the Video Tour of All Apartments at GrillsRentals.COM If you are a Trent Student & want to see a video tour of a 1 Bedroom Apartment that is listed available: 1. Go to GrillsRentals.COM 2. Click on the address & scroll to the pictures 3. Click Video Tour RESERVE NOW ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT AVAILABLE JANUARY 2020 *164 (D) Aylmer K9J 3K1 (Room Sizes) 1 BD Trent Discount $1198 (REG.$1398.00 ) The apartment is main floor apartment. Private entrance. -Kitchen has a fridge & stove -Living Room (14' 5" X 15' 6") -Bedroom with closet (12' X 12') -Bathroom is a 4 piece RESERVE NOW ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS AVAILABLE MAY 2020 *543 (1) Reid K9H 4H1 (Room Sizes) 1 BD Trent Discount $1198 (REG.$ 1398.00 ) This apartment has privacy & will help you feel like you are home -Kitchen is eat-in kitchen with fridge & stove. (10' X 13.5') -Living Room (12.5' X 13.5') -Bedroom (12' X 13') with a walk-in closet. (7' X 3') -Bathroom is a 4 piece If you are a Trent Student & you are ready to move. Give us a call or text at 705-957-9409 or email. Please take the video tour & contact us ONLY if you are serious about securing this one bedroom apartment today! Call to Reserve NOW so you are ready for school! Call or Text Now 705-957-9409 or email. It's a jungle out there . . . Here's your chance to get a Trent Student ONE BEDROOM Apartment! Let's See What Other people that have resided with us are saying. At Grills Rentals, the Residents Come First! "I know, you're probably skeptical. Right? But don’t take my word for it – here are just a few comments we’ve already received from Current and Past Residents: 543-1 Reid St. is a great apartment for many reasons. The location is ideal as it is located on the Trent West Bank bus route, as well as the Chemong bus route, it is across from Traill College and downtown is a 5-minute walk. The apartment itself is very spacious and open-concept. It's great for an individual who needs a lot of space. Tanya is also a great landlord and if there are any issues she responds quickly. I would definitely recommend this apartment and just Grills Rentals in general. Thanks for everything Tanya, Maggie Walsh Living with Grills Rental has been an amazing experience. This was my first time living on own and leasing an apartment. Grills Rental made the transition super easy for me. On top of that the apartment is perfect student living. It’s in an amazing location, both close to downtown Peterborough and about a thirty second walk to the Trent Express bus stop. The apartment itself is amazing. Ideal for anyone looking for a two bedroom who needs or wants their own space. On top of having your own room you also get your own bathroom which is amazing, to top it all off Tanya and Wayne live close and are always available for any emergencies and issues. Just overall an ideal place for any student. Sabrina Bulfon Living at Grills Rentals Apartment has been great. We were able to customize it and really make it feel like our home. The centrality of the living room forced us to be social with one another, while still having the privacy of our own rooms. It is very close to the East and West bank bus, and the grocery store is about a 10-minute walk. Tanya and Wayne are great! They live close by and have let me in when I've been locked out, they plow the driveway when snow hits, and they are very efficient when it comes to reply emails or text messages. Thanks for the gift by the way! Jim Maxwell-Champagna There are several things that I enjoyed while being a resident of Grills Rentals: -Lots of natural light and high ceilings -New blinds are great -Great work/living space overall -Kitchen size is perfect -Convenient parking -You and Wayne have always been accessible and very helpful -Access to major bus routes is great -Not too much noise from neighbors or the street Thanks, Will Cuthbert Hi Tanya, • location was wonderful, very central to everything needed • perfect size of an apartment for two people • quiet neighborhood, never had any issues • snow removal • if we ever needed anything, we knew you were only a phone call away as a reliable landlord. Thanks, Brianna Smith This was a great place to stay. The apartment is easy to keep clean, the appliances are modern & fully functional, the bedrooms are large and the closet space is decent. Without a washer or dryer in the apartment, we often did our laundry at the laundry mat a few blocks away. Wayne & Tanya are very approachable, respectful, and go out of their way to ensure that any issues we experienced while living there were handled right away and that disruptions to our stay were minimized. I highly recommend this space for a pair of room-mates for its cleanliness, size & excellent communication and service from Wayne & Tanya. Tyler Dryden I really enjoyed staying in the Grills Rentals apartment! By far the best landlord experience in my years at Trent University. All issues in the apartment were fixed within 24 hours. Quiet, affordable, and great location, would love to live here again. Tyler Henny Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your help in this, as well as for being fantastic managers! Shannon Smyth Thanks Tanya! And say thank you to Wayne for me as well! Nick Weissflog Affordable pricing, excellent location close to down town core and grocery stores, directly on Trent Express line! Austin Haines Grills rentals were great landlords throughout the year! When I arrived, the apartment was clean, ready to be moved into and in good shape. Throughout the school year if any assistance was needed with the apparent or utilities it was resolved within a short time frame. Being with Grills Rentals throughout the school year allowed me to not stress about my apartment because I knew if something went wrong it would be fixed. The discount for Trent students that Grill's rental is also beneficial and ensures a reasonable renting price!" Glen Balaberda "Tanya & Wayne are great managers. Any issues & they would come as fast as possible; everything would get taken care of. It was a great renting experience for me." Thanks again, Kat Elaschuk Tanya, some things I loved about the apartment were the privacy between the two bedrooms. Lindsay and I are extremely close, but the space between rooms comes in handy when one of us has an exam and the other does not. You cannot hear music in one bedroom from the other. Also, having our own bathroom is very beneficial for girls. We have come from sharing a bathroom with many girls and it is much more efficient to have your own bathroom in the morning. The living room is great for the two of us, as well as for having friends over before the bar or to watch our weekly shows. We really enjoyed staying at this apartment. Both of us are graduating this year. Brownwen MacIntyre The natural light & airflow in the apartment made it great for the winter and summer. The bedrooms are all decently sized & having a closet was very helpful. You guys always responded promptly if we were having issues & it was nice getting to know you both. Rachel Petersen I’m third year nursing student, I am so glad that I have this place for my school year. It is very convenient to live here, because it is close to downtown, Freshco (which I loved). As a student, nothing is more important than living close to a bus stops. I’m a nursing student, we have transportation pick-up at Traill college for my placements. Traill college is pretty close to my house too, just 5 minutes to get there which has been another great convenience for me too. All in all, I love this place! Thanks! Zou Mei The managers at Grills Rental are quick to deal with any issue, to make the tenants stay as comfortable as possible. They arrive quickly when needed, and are always polite and interested in the well-being of the people that rent from them. It was a joy to have such upbeat & helpful managers. Andrea Peake Kenene & I both really loved this apartment. It was spacious, bright, clean & our neighbors were always quiet & friendly. You & Wayne were approachable and easy to contact. You responded to emails and texts very quickly and were always able to resolve any issues or questions we had. I would certainly recommend Grills Rentals to any student looking for an apartment downtown. Thanks for a great two years! Emma MacDonald I think you were great managers; I realized that more after being in a new place this year. The place was super clean when we moved in and everything was in good condition. It was also well-maintained and if we needed anything it was provided for us quickly & happily. I liked living downtown, and even though it was a little far out it was a nice spot. You were both friendly and professional and I would definitely live in one of your places again! Thanks, Amy Mason Hello, I just wanted to say that I had a very good experience living here. I appreciate how you always give us lots of notice with things, as well how you send reminders on the last day of the month for rent. The apartment its self is very nice and well kept up. The apartment is great and I have really enjoyed my time living here! Thank you, Meaghan Boudreau There was a lot of things that made this apartment perfect for the three of us this year. The kitchen area is very spacious and the shower has a lot of shelf space which made it easy for us to each have our own area to put things. The location is perfect and you were very wonderful landlords to have. Emailing reminders about rent so we wouldn't be charged extra is something other managers have never went out of their way to do for me. I have had a wonderful experience here. Thank you, Chantal Robillard Tanya, thank you for being an exceptional property managers over my time here. Regards! Callum Haslam The location is perfect for any student! Chancellor McGuigan Thank you so much, Tanya! Mary Jane Howard The house is in a great location & I thought you were very quick to respond to any questions & issues that we had. Rory Martin Hello, thank you for everything this year hope all is well in the coming years. Chad Edwards. I really enjoyed renting an apartment from Grills Rentals and would recommend your company to any of my friends. You guys always get back to your tenants in a timely fashion when there was an issue with the apartment or request. I appreciate all the bonuses you guys put into renting an apartment with you guys (Christmas gift, Trent-student discount, etc.) and will truly miss having you guys as landlords. Thanks for the great apartment experience this year. Thanks, Matt Melo Hello Tanya & Wayne, I have loved this apartment, and have been so lucky to have you both as my first property managers, it has been a fantastic experience. Sincerely, Annika Bartsch With comments like these, it’s easy to see why we are excited to have Trent Student Residents. So, to secure the one bedroom you want contact Tanya NOW so you don’t miss out! Call or Text Tanya NOW at 705-957-9409 today to secure your Trent One Bedroom Apartment. You’ll be glad you did! When you want to find out the Room Sizes of YOUR Trent Student One Bedroom Apartment simply do this: 1. Go to GrillsRentals.COM homepage. 2. When you find the One Bedroom you want CLICK ON THE ADDRESS 3. Scroll down the room sizes will be listed OR 4. Scroll down to the pictures, click on video tour, the room sizes are on the video tour Grills Rentals.COM Trent 1 Bedroom Apartments Include 1. Heat 2. Hydro 3. Water 4. Sewer 5. Basic Wifi 6. One Parking Spot 1. HEAT, HYDRO, WATER & SEWER INCLUDED so you will never get any unpleasant surprises by the utility companies, all you need to do is hook up the internet you need! 2. Private entrances. Deadbolt Security! 3. These One Bedroom Apartments Have convenience & privacy together! 4. Bus stop close. Either on the Trent Express, Close to the Trent Express or Close to the Bus Terminal & Greyhound Bus Line! Bus Terminal you can pick up and get you where you need to go quickly! 5. One Parking Spot off street is available for your convenience. 6. Close to Laundry Mat so you can get your laundry done easy & quickly. 7. You can go to No Frills Grocery Store quickly and easily and pick up what you need when you need it. 8. The kitchen has a fridge & stove so you can cook your meals & relax. 9. You can walk to the Galaxy Movie Theatre and have a wide selection of movies to pick from for a night out. 10. You can walk to Show Place and watch a Theater Shows, if you like live shows! 11. You can walk to the Peterborough Square Mall to shop for what you need quickly and easily! 12. You can walk to many restaurants like McDonalds, Subway, Smitty’s and many Pizza shops, and have lots of variety and selection with your meals! 13. You can walk to National Sports & pick up any gear you need for the sports you enjoy! 14. You can walk to a Bowling Alley to bowl some pins with some friends if you like to bowl for a night out! 15. You can walk to Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall Drugs. 16. You can walk to the Peterborough Public Library to borrow some FREE dvd movies and books! 17. You can walk quickly to the Peterborough Parades like the (Santa Claus/ St. Patrick’s/ Canada Day/etc.) and many others…. 18. Bathrooms are 4 piece. Dear Trent Students, "Welcome to Grills Rentals.COM, where we believe in Trent Student Living! This Trent Student Discount deal is simply incredible. A sure-fire method finding a downtown apartment with less work. We are writing to tell you something very important… And that is… Thank You! Thank you for favoring us by renting our apartments from Grills Rentals.COM. We were trying to think how to show our appreciation in a way that’s a little more tangible that just saying “thanks” so here’s what we’ve come up with: We want to offer a: SPECIAL TRENT STUDENT DISCOUNT! Trent Students will get a special discount because through our experience they are the best people to have in our properties. As a special “thank you” we want to give Trent Students a DISCOUNT. But, there is one catch. We can’t keep this offer open forever. It’s only GOOD UNTIL ALL THE APARTMENTS ARE RENTED. When the apartments are, all rented, this special offer will not be open. So, please don’t delay. If you were considering living at a Trent Student Friendly property. To Take advantage of this Discount offer & you are serious about securing an apartment, call or text us right now at 705-957-9409. After regular hours’ text 705-957-9409 or email (24 hours a day) and leave your name, telephone number and best time to return your call, and we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. It’s that easy... and in no time, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of your Trent Friendly Student Apartment. Now is your best time to get started. Just call or text: 705-957-9409 to let us know you’re taking advantage of the special “thank you” offer! IMPORTANT: Please when you Call/Text or Email INDICATE WHETHER YOU ARE A TRENT STUDENT OR NOT. THANKYOU! Once again, we would like to thank all the Trent Students, and we look forward to serving you again in the future. Sincerely, Wayne & Tanya Grills "We only have a limited number of apartments. If you want to get involved, you must hurry and Call or text Tanya at 705-957-9409! Because like most of our apartments, they are sure to rent quickly. So, secure yours Now! "P.S. The Trent Student Discount for these One Bedroom Trent Student Apartments will not be valid forever. Take action and call or text 705-957-9409 now to secure your apartment before its gone. If you just sit there and do nothing, that's all you'll get in return...nothing. Take charge and start. You can start right away!" 3 CRITERIA TO QUALIFY FOR THE TRENT STUDENT DISCOUNT! 1. Must Be a Trent Student 2. No Smoking & No Pets 3. Signing Of a 12 Month Lease Lease and $100 holding/Indemnification fee required by each resident. “We only have a limited number of apartments. If you want to get involved, you must hurry and call or text Tanya at 705-957-9409 or Email us! Because like most of our apartments, this one is sure to rent out quickly." For More Information Please Visit: GrillsRentals.COM! Video Tours Available of all Apartments at: GrillsRentals.COM! APARTMENTS AVAILABLE FOR JAN 1, 2020 Available Jan 1, 2020: 164 (D) Aylmer St. North, 1 Bedroom Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water, Basic Wi-Fi & One Parking Spot (Trent Student Discount $1198) (REG. $1398.00) 12 month lease OTHER APARTMENTS AVAILABLE FOR MAY 1, 2020 Available May 1, 2020: 543 (1) Reid St. North, 1 Bedroom Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water, Basic Wifi & One Parking Spot) (Trent Student Discount $1198) (REG. $1398.00) 12-month lease Available May 1, 2020: 543 (2) Reid St. North, BACHELOR Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water, Basic Wifi & One Parking Spot) (Trent Student Discount $969) (REG. $1169.00) 12-month lease Available May 1, 2020: 164 (A) Aylmer St. North, 1 Bedroom Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water, Basic Wi-Fi & One Parking Spot (Trent Student Discount $1198) (REG. $1398.00) 12-month lease Available May 1, 2020: 164 (B) Aylmer St. North, 2 Bedroom Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water, Basic Wi-Fi & One Parking Spot (Trent Student Discount $1398) (REG. $1598.00) 12-month lease Available May 1, 2020: 250 (2) McDonnel St, 2 Bedroom Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water, Basic Wi-Fi & One Parking Spot (Trent Student Discount $1498) (REG. $1698.00) 12-month lease Available May 1, 2020: 250 (4) McDonnel St, 3 Bedroom Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water, Basic Wi-Fi & One Parking Spot (Trent Student Discount $1779) (REG. $2079.00) 12-month lease Available May 1, 2020: 539 (C) Reid St. North, 2 Bedroom Apartment (Heat, Hydro, Water & One Parking Spot) (Trent Student Discount $1398) (REG. $1598.00) 12-month lease

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Bus Route
High-Speed Internet
Parking - Driveway
No Smoking

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543 Reid Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 4H1

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12 Month
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12 month lease


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